Contrary to celebrity claims, wearing restrictive bands around the waist will not help you lose belly fat or cause weight loss. These bands simply compress the torso temporarily to create the illusion of a slimmer figure, much like older garments did. Wrapping and squeezing the stomach makes you look thinner in the short term.

Experts state these devices can improve appearance and posture but will not tone or strengthen stomach muscles. Diet and exercise remain the only proven ways to truly flatten the stomach over time. Some market waistbands as “trimmers”, elastic bands meant to be worn during workouts to raise body temperature through heat trapping, supposedly improving weight loss.

Typically made of synthetic rubber, these bands wrap inches below the natural waistline and may temporarily reduce circumference by 1-2 inches. However, this size reduction does not represent true weight loss or fat reduction. Although abdominal bands can briefly minimize waist size, no research supports their ability to generate lasting weight loss.

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